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Week beginning 26th September


The younger children have been creating some Autumn masterpieces this week. Glittery owls, fork painting hedgehogs, puffy tailed squirrels and scarecrows.


The older children have enjoyed the year 5 topic 'Dark ages'. Lots of viking long ships, word searches and colourings, shields and a 3d round house. 


Friday the children found their inner creativity with junk modelling. From cat houses to Egyptian tombs, there were many different creations. 

Week beginning 19th September


Our younger room have been working on 'Zen den' which is the year 1 topic. They have made some lovely self models, rainbow wands and dot paintings. 


The older room enjoyed an autumn crafts week with fork hedgehog painting, outdoor games and autumn colourings. 


With lots of leftover apples from this weeks snack time, we decided not to let them go to waste. The children made apple monsters adding strawberries and edible eyes. Not an apple was wasted!




Week beginning 12th September


Our younger room have been working on Receptions topic 'All about me'. They have made some lovely all about me rainbows, spinners caterpillars and collages. 

Our older room have made some lovely crafts for the year 4 topic 'Rainforest'. Beautiful toucans, rainforest masks and snakes. Friday all the children had a messy afternoon with autumn leaf paintings.



Week beginning 5th September


Our younger room have been enjoying back to school activities making back to school backpacks and creating our houses out of lolly sticks drawing pictures of our family members. 

Our older room have started some activities on the year 3 topic Ancient Egypt. Making flags, modelling the shpynx and 3d pyramids. 

Both rooms also created a fantastic display for the school reception area out of handprints. Please pop in to have a look.

Pizza making end of term 

Friday 15th June


We have had a great week with sand art, marble painting and summer related crafts. Friday the children had a brilliant time making their own orbeez sensory ball. 

Friday 8th July 


This week the younger children have made some very creative and glittery nature wands among many other things. 

The older room also created some fantastic fork painting trees. 

On our Friday session we carried out the skittles and water experiment and the children created some beautiful rainbow pictures. 

Friday 1st July 


We have had a fun two weeks in the After School Club. Cookie making and lots of arts and crafts. Today the children enjoyed magical water pens. They were able to draw a picture on a plate and add some water, then the picture lifts off of the plate and becomes floating art. The children were very creative with their ideas. 

20th June week


We have spent the week making lots of lovely things for Fathers day or somebody special in the children's lives. Its great so see how everyone has a different idea of how they want to create their artwork. We have lots of talented children in ASC. 

It has been a particularly hot week, so for our fun Friday afternoon activity, the children were needed to rescue animals out of blocks of ice. We also had a water play tea party in the shade. 

6th June week 


Lots of lovely crafts made this week by both the older and younger children. 

Friday afternoon was spent carrying out a science experiment using milk. We were able to create miniature fireworks on a plate. The children had lots of fun. 

16th May week 

We have had a week full of celebrating the Queens Jubilee. Lots of Royal crafts and fun. The children made some fantastic queen stamps which will be used as bunting decorations at the Queens Jubilee school lunch. Friday afternoon the children made their own play dough. They used this to get creative and decorate work sheets.  

9th May week 

This week we have been able to have fun with a variety of different crafts. A few of the children have enjoyed planting wild flowers and are now watching them grow day by day.

Friday afternoon was spent making bubble wands in the sunshine. 

25th April week


This week our younger room have been doing lots of seaside crafts as the year 1 topic is 'Oh i do like to be beside the seaside!'. We have made fish, lighthouses, and ice cream plates. Our older room have been enjoying the year 4 topic 'Japan'. The have made some beautiful blossom tree pictures, origami and pretend sushi. 


Friday then finished off with lots of mess making cornflour putty. We also made some bracelets and necklaces, played outside with our new equipment which the children are so happy about and once everybody was worn out we went to the hall for dinner and to watch Madagascar 3. 

21st March Week 


We have had a lovely week creating lots of beautiful crafts for Mothers day or somebody special in the family. Pictures cannot be added until Mothers day has passed as we are hoping to keep it a surprise until then.

We can however share the pictures of the beautiful cupcakes made today for the mums or special person the children have chosen, as you will all see these today when they come home. 

The children loved making these and had so much fun. 

14th March week 


This week both rooms have had a fun week doing various different crafty activities. The older room have had such a fun time learning a new skill with a weaving loom. The children have really enjoyed this and are continuing to work on their projects each day. The younger room have made some spring ladybirds and sheep. They have also created their own masterpieces with plasticine.

After many requests by the children, on Friday we finally decorated some biscuits. They were so excited to do this. The children mixed the icing and and created their own red nose day themed biscuits. There were some great designs!

With the weather picking up we have also been able to go outside to play a lot more this week, which the children really do enjoy. 

March 7th week


Our younger room have been looking at the year 2 topic 'Brilliant Britain'. We thought outside the box for all things British, including making their own Traditional English breakfast and serving it up themselves from a 'buffet' thinking about what things they would like to eat. We also made a loch ness monster, a United Kingdom flag and a royal crown. 

Our older room have been having fun with the year 5 topic 'Tudors'. They have been so busy making weaved roof Tudor houses, Tudor shields, Tudor crowns and the traditional Tudor rose. 

Friday was a very fun afternoon. We created blow up monsters using a cup, a glove and a straw. 

It was also the perfect rainy afternoon for a movie with dinner in the hall. 



February 28th week 



We started the week by making some decorations for the lunch hall for world book day. The children decorated a piece of bunting each to be hung up with a picture of their favourite book on. 


This week, the younger children have been having fun with the year 1 topic 'Carnival of Animals'. We have made four animals, each from different countries. The older room have been looking at the year 4 topic 'Raging Romans'. They have made some very beautiful pieces of artwork including Roman vases and shields. 


Friday afternoon, we completed a science experiment making lava lamps at the request of the children, they all had great enjoyment from mixing the ingredients and seeing the reaction. 

February 22nd Week 


This week our younger room have been focusing on Receptions topic 'our world' of space and superheroes. We have made superhero masks, captain America shields, rockets and alien spaceships. 


Our older room have been basing their activities on the year 3 topic 'Extreme Earth'. They have made some superb mountain and Tsunami pictures along with Volcano's and a fun geography task. 


We finished off a long week by making slime on Friday afternoon and a movie in the hall with dinner. 

Celebrating valentines