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13th November week 


This week our younger room have been doing crafts relating to the year 1 topic 'Toys and Games'. Making some puzzles, planes and a Thaumatrope. 

Our older children have been enjoying the year 3 topic 'protect our planet'. Making some lovely apples, planets and turtles. 

Friday the children all joined in with junk modelling, we had so many fantastic creations from teddy bear costumes to guitars!

6th November week 


This week we have been celebrating Guy Fawkes night, Diwali and Rememberance day with a variety of crafts.

Friday afternoon the children enjoyed a tasty pizza making afternoon in the shape of Rememberance poppies.

The children also worked together to build a fort, and had fun in the play kitchen making the staff lots of fun food creations. 

16th October Week 


This week the younger children have been continuing with their Halloween themed crafts with the older children starting this also. 

Lots of spiders, bats, decorations and pumpkins!

Fridays activity was a Halloween themed scavenger hunt. The children were sat down to watch a short movie about the story of a witch named Glinda who had lost her cats within the school. All 42 of them! The children then had lots of fun searching around the school for them, if they returned all 42 cats to their bed again they would receive a special reward (popcorn and a drink). 

9th October week 


This week the younger room have started their Halloween crafts early! With the older room focusing on all things Autumn. 

Fridays activity was thoroughly enjoyed by the children as they were able to make some yummy 'mummy pizzas'. 

2nd October week 


This week the younger children have been enjoying lots of autumn crafts including rainbow hedgehogs, tissue paper trees and owls. The older children have been exploring the Year 6 topic 'Polar Regions'. Making some lovely polar bear and igloo pictures along with a walrus. 

Friday afternoon we decided to get into the Halloween spirit early and made our own pumpkin biscuits. We have had lot soft outdoor play this week with the weather being dry and finished Friday afternoon again with a film and dinner in the hall. 

25th September Week 


This week our younger room have been enjoying crafts based on the year 2 topic 'Growing Up'. We have made some healthy salad plates, paper plate watermelons and some handprint pictures with questions on what we might be like when we grow up. 

The older room have been looking at the year 5 topic 'Dark Ages'. They have made some great shields, masks and some lovely colourings. 

Both rooms have also worked hard to create a new display for the school reception area. You may have seen our fantastic leaf fairies when you have come in to collect. 

Friday the children enjoyed some messy fun by making some stress balls out of balloons and flour followed by a cosy film in the hall with dinner. 

4th September week


This week we have all been getting used to being back in routine and getting up early. We have tried to make this week as easy and calm as possible for those children who may be struggling with the longer days in ASC back at school. 

We have enjoyed a range of 'free' craft activities and general play to keep everybody happy including a film here and there for those who are more tired than others. 


10th July week 


This week both rooms have enjoyed a range of free activities and crafts including, wool rainbows, make your own pizza, caterpillars, owls, 3d watermelons and strawberries, butterflies and ice creams. 

The children always love an activity that they can eat, so we try to do as they wish as often as we can. This Friday the children loved making apple donuts. Made from sliced apples and icing with sprinkles. 

26th June week


This week the younger children have looked a little into Receptions topic 'Living things' focusing on minibeasts including butterflies, bees and ladybird. 

Our older room have enjoyed a free range of activities, making positivity caps, umbrellas and watermelon fans. 

On Wednesday both of the rooms were able to visit our environmental area to go on a minibeast hunt. The children enjoyed this so much, and found lots of insects to tick off of their list. 

5th June week


This week with it being lovely weather we have been able to spend more time outside.  The children love being outdoors and playing games, we have a variety of outdoor toys and equipment, we also set up a craft table for those that want some time in the shade. 

 We have enjoyed origami, tissue paper cats, cotton bud crafts and masks. The older children have produced some fantastic pieces of art based on the film 'Up'. This is proudly displayed in the school reception area for staff and visitors to see. 

Friday afternoon the children made their own nature potions using materials they could find around the playground, glitter and coloured waters.