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16th Jan week 


Our younger room have been creating some lovely crafts based on the year 1 topic "oh i do like to be beside the seaside". These have included cotton wool ice creams and painting shells.

The older children have been enjoying the year 4 topic "portals to the past". Making some great stone age cave art, 3d mammoths and cave paintings. 

Friday the children played lucky dip play doh. They could choose an idea to make out of a bowl, then try their best to make it. 

As always the children enjoyed a relaxing movie in the hall whilst eating their dinner. 

9th January week 


This week our younger room are enjoying crafts based on the Reception topic "commotion in the ocean". We have made some colourful 3d fish, a paper chain octopus, a realistic starfish and a mosaic style sea turtle. 

Our older room have been looking at the year 3 topic "mirror mirror" enjoying all things fairytale. We have made some play doh red riding hood pictures, a Rapunzel picture with plaited hair, the three little pigs and goldilocks art. 

Friday the children enjoyed making silly putty. Afterwards, they were able to relax after a hard week and eat their dinner in the hall whilst watching a movie on the big screen. 

5th December week 


This week we have been enjoying all things winter! Both rooms have created so many lovely winter crafts. 

The week was finished off with a melted snowman biscuit decorating activity which went down very well with the children. 

28th November week 


This week we are enjoying all things winter and getting into the Christmas spirit. We have made penguin pictures, snowflakes, winter hats, snow globes, junk modelling and so much more. 

Friday the children were able to play with 'snow', the children had great fun shaping, playing and generally making a complete mess with it!

21st November week 


This week our younger room have been looking at the year 2 topic 'Down Under'. We have made some lovely kangaroos, emus, a coral reef and nemo paintings. 

Our older room have had a generally crafty week, taking the time to do what the children chose to do. The activities included making an advent calendar for their room, Hama beads, Aqua beads and Loom bands. 

Friday's activity the children decorated some lovely football biscuits to celebrate the world cup. 

14th November week 


This week our younger room have been creating their very own toys for the year 1 topic 'Toys and Games'. They have created some catch a ball cups, a toy car, a musical shaker and had some great fun playing with the best toy of all, Play-Doh. 

Our older room have been looking at the year 5 topic 'Europe'. With lots of crafty creations based on France, Spain, Italy and Germany. 

Friday we celebrated Children in need by making our own key rings and necklaces to take home. 

7th November week 


This week the younger children have been looking at Receptions current topic 'Celebrations'. They have enjoyed making Chinese new year dragons, designing their own birthday cakes, making valentines jewellery and creating a wedding bouquet.

The older children have created some lovely water lilies and a water cycle spinner. They have also spent some time making Rememberance Day poppies and wreaths. 

Friday the children had so much fun making and decorating their own poppy biscuits. 



31st October week 


We have been creating firework pictures this week, using different methods including blowing with straws. 

The older children have been enjoying the year 3 topic 'Protect our planet'. 

17th October week 


This week we have created lots of Halloween crafts. We finished the week off with a scavenger hunt around the school looking for clues, then we used our secret spy pens to work out the Halloween related word. 

As a special treat for the end of half term the children made some delicious spider biscuits. 

10th October week 


This week we have been enjoying lots of autumn crafts. The older room produced some fantastic pictures using autumn leaves as hair. Fridays activity the children had lots of messy fun with salt painting.