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Self-confidence & self-awareness

Most children will have dips in self-esteem as they go through different stages or challenges in life. Starting a new school, moving house, changes in the family and many other factors can affect a child’s confidence, but with support from parents and other adults they usually get through this.


Here are some thing you can do that can really help: 

  • Show your child lots of love and be positive about them as a person – tell them what makes them special to you
  • Set an example of having a positive attitude when faced with challenges.
  • Let them know you value effort rather than perfection. 
  • Encourage them to try new challenges, and celebrate them for trying. 
  • Help them set goals and make plans for things they’d like to accomplish. 
  • Let them know they should not to be afraid to voice their ideas and opinions. 
  • Give praise for their successes, and don’t focus on areas where they have not done so well.
  • Reassure them it's okay to make mistakes and that it's all part of life
  • If you are unhappy with their behaviour, tell them, but make clear that you still love them.
  • Acknowledge their feelings and help them express their feelings in words.  For example, encourage them to say, "I'm upset because..." or "I feel happy when..."
  • Challenge them when they criticise themselves
  • Help children discover and develop their talents, through clubs, groups and activities.  
  • Allocate 20 minutes each day to chat, laugh, and do something together. 
  • If you are worried your child’s low self-esteem is affecting their day to day life, relationships or ability to learn and develop, talk to us.  You can speak to a member of SLT, our FSW or your child's class teacher.

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Nurturing individuals, building futures

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