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Starting a sensitive conversation

Please refer to our Advice for Parents information, within our Safeguarding page.

Talking to your child about a sensitive issue can be hard.  By taking 20 minutes with them to do an activity you’ll both enjoy, you’ll create a relaxed space to start that conversation.  Starting a conversation about something sensitive can be difficult, especially if you're worried that your child is having a hard time. It doesn't matter what topic the conversation starts with - it's about the opportunity it gives you both to talk about feelings and to provide comfort.


Here are some fun activity ideas, conversation starters and advice to make talking easier and help you and your child;

  • Play a ball game (football, catch, basketball, dodgeball)
  • Ready, set… bake (keep it simple with fairy cakes, scones, tray-bakes)
  • Take a walk (leave some silent moments and create a space for your child to talk to about anything that’s on their mind).
  • Go for a drive (turn down the radio and strike up a conversation).
  • Explore together (stick a pin on a map somewhere nearby that neither of you have been to and try your best to get there).
  • Coffee shop date


Conversation starters -

How are you feeling?

What was the best and worst bit of your day?

If you could start today again, what would you do differently? 

What did you do today that you are most proud of?

Do you want to talk about what's going on? 

How can I support you through [issue]?

Is there anything that you need from me? Space, time to talk, time to do something fun...?

Conversation encouragers

I love you, nothing can ever change that

You can talk to me, I'm here for you 

If you need to talk to someone else, that's okay too 

If you talk to me about what is worrying you, I can do my best to help 

Even if I don't understand, know that I want to 

We're going to get through this together


  • Let them know that you love them
  • Ask them if there's anything you can do. 
  • Spend time together thinking about what’s making them feel this way. 



The PANTS rule

The underwear rule

You’ve probably already talked to your child about things like crossing the road safely. But have you spoken to them about how to stay safe from sexual abuse? It’s a conversation no parent wants to have, but it can feel just as natural, and be just as easy, as the road safety chat. Talk PANTS helps children understand that their body belongs to them, and they should tell someone they trust if anything makes them feel upset or worried. From P through to S, each letter gives an important message for children to help them stay safe. Talking regularly with children about these important messages really can help them stay safe.

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