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Nurturing individuals, building futures

Behaviour, Attitudes to Learning and Personal Development

At Avenue Primary Academy we aim for the highest levels of work and behaviour. We wish pupils to accept responsibility for themselves, for their actions and for the well-being of others.


At Avenue Primary Academy we believe that school is a place of learning for all members of the school community including children, teachers and non-teaching staff. We actively foster attitudes of independence and self-confidence. Through modelling the qualities of care, fairness and respect we create an environment that provides security and recognises and celebrates small steps of success for everyone. We aim to provide an environment where everybody feels welcome and where diversity is acknowledged and celebrated.


Through our behaviour policy, we aim to:

  • To foster each child’s intellectual, physical, aesthetic, spiritual, emotional, moral, cultural and social development
  • To foster the development of skills, concepts and knowledge, so that children are able to pose questions, investigate and answer them interpreting their results critically e.g. by becoming a ‘Rights Respecting School’
  • To encourage children to learn
  • To encourage all children to enjoy school work and to be intrinsically motivated to find satisfaction and a sense of purpose and achievement at school
  • To enable children to share and develop co-operative learning skills through active participation in group work
  • To help children to reach their potential and enjoy success, and in so doing form a positive image
  • To support, respect and learn from the cultural diversity represented by all members of the school community
  • To equip pupils with an awareness of our diverse society. We want each pupil to develop a sense of identity which is confident, strong and self-affirming as well as being responsive to and respectful of others


At Avenue we promote the following values:








These values are reinforced through our Rights Respecting charters (classroom, playground and lunchtime).

At Avenue Primary Academy we recognise the need to be consistent and fair in our approach to managing behaviour We share responsibility for behaviour with the parent/carer and child and acknowledge this joint responsibility in our Home School Agreement signed by the school and parents. Our whole school charters and classroom charters provide children with clearly defined ways to behave that ensure our large community is safe and allows learning to take place.


We believe that intrinsic motivation is the most effective for preparing pupils for life beyond school. A vast majority of pupils at Avenue Primary Academy demonstrate outstanding behaviour for learning and do not require extrinsic rewards to motivate them. They are taught the value of self-motivation and achievement for achievement’s sake. Pupils in KS2 learn about the importance of being intrinsically motivated in order to achieve to the best of their ability and take responsibility for their own learning.


Achievements are celebrated through regular awards for those who consistently uphold our school values, are intrinsically motivated and demonstrate that they respect the rights of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Year group leader and phase leader certificates are awarded to pupils who demonstrate, through their outstanding conduct over time, that they are committed to upholding the values of the school.

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Nurturing individuals, building futures

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