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Nurturing individuals, building futures

EYFS Principles

Overarching Principles

At Avenue Primary we embrace the ethos of the Early Years Statutory Framework and believe that:

  • Every child is a unique child
  • Children learn through positive relationships with staff and peers
  • Children learn and develop well in enabling environments with teaching and support from adults
  • Children learn and develop at different rates

The Unique Child

At Avenue, we understand that every child is unique, has their own interests and their own individual ways to learn. We ensure that we get to know each child quickly as they join us so that we can support their development appropriately.

We endeavour to make transitions to us as smooth as possible by holding ‘Stay and Play’ sessions where we can work with parents to find out as much information as possible about each individual child. We use this information to ensure that children’s interests and needs are catered for within the environment.

Positive Relationships

We support children in forming positive, trusting relationships with both adults and peers. We recognise the importance of forming attachments so that children feel safe ad secure and know who they can turn to for help and support. These positive attachments are important to underpin learning and development across the EYFS curriculum.

Enabling Environments

Our environments have been developed to allow children to select and use resources they need to encourage independent learning supported by skilled adults. Our environments are welcoming and well organised to allow children to lead their own learning across the EYFS curriculum.

Learning and Development

Children have the opportunity to consolidate their learning and extend their understanding through child-initiated play which is support by familiar adults. Learning experiences are designed around a half termly theme in combination with children’s interests. We recognise that children learn and develop at different rates and ensure that children are supported to achieve their next steps for learning.

Avenue Primary Academy

Nurturing individuals, building futures

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