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Home school agreement

A home-school agreement is a statement explaining: 
•    the academy’s aims and values; 
•    the academy’s responsibilities towards its pupils who are of compulsory school age; 
•    the responsibility of each pupil’s parents; and 
•    what the academy expects of its pupils. 


All maintained schools, academies, city technologies colleges and city colleges for the technology of the arts are required to publish a home-school agreement and associated parental declaration. 

Schools must take reasonable steps to ensure that all registered parents of pupils sign the parental declaration to indicate that they understand and accept the contents of the home-school agreement. 

When your child joins the academy we provide 2 copies of our Home-school Agreement – one for you to keep, and also in Appendix A for you to return with your paperwork.


Avenue Primary Academy is a welcoming school where everyone is valued equally in a safe and supportive environment. It recognises and develops the potential of each and every person, empowering them and giving them the confidence to play a positive role in society. Our pupils aim high, believe they can succeed, take responsibility for their own learning and develop as independent learners who think carefully and reflectively.


Our aim is to be an outstanding school.

  • Develop our school beyond Outstanding, leading at the forefront of education.
  • Ensure staff and pupil well-being continues to underpin all that we do
  • Be a learning hub for the teaching community


To help us achieve these aims, and enable your child to do their best, we ask you to:

•    Make sure your child attends school regularly and punctually.
•    Ensure that your child wears the correct school uniform.
•    Support and encourage your child to make good progress, and ensure that the school is aware of any concerns which may affect
     your child’s work or behaviour.
•    Support the school’s policies.
•    Ensure that homework is completed carefully and handed in on time.
•    Attend parent consultations to discuss your child’s progress.
•    Do your best to follow our e-Safety guidelines.


Our academy rights:

•    Everyone in our academy has the right to be safe
•    Everyone in our academy has the right to be healthy
•    Everyone in our academy has the right to an education
•    Everyone in our academy has the right to be protected
•    Everyone in our academy has the right to be heard
•    Everyone in our academy has the right to be treated fairly


Our academy values:

  • Pride
  • Perseverance
  • Respect
  • Resilience
  • Teamwork
  • Equality


Avenue children:

  • Follow our academy rights and values
  • Do their best in class
  • Try hard with their home learning
  • Wear the correct school uniform
  • Take good care of each other, of school equipment and the school building
  • Arrive at school in good time ready to start learning
  • Follow our e-Safety guidelines


All parents are asked to read thorough our home-school agreement with their child, sign the agreement , and return a copy to the academy.


Pupil Charter


During their time in a Cirrus Primary Academy Trust school, our pupils will have the opportunity to…


· Learn a musical instrument


· Use a range of IT technology and equipment


· Attend a residential visit (KS2)


· Engage in performance, presentation and debate


· Enjoy the arts and value cultural experiences


· Take part in sports competitions


· Experience enrichment activities


· Contribute to the community – citizenship (global, national, and local); participate in social action campaigns


· Have their talents celebrated and recognised


· Learn outside to experience the ‘great outdoors’


· Represent school at an event – school, Trust and beyond


Children will be inspired to aim high and be shown what the future holds…

Avenue Primary Academy

Nurturing individuals, building futures

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