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General guidance

Staff at Avenue will make every effort to ensure that your child settles down quickly to structured learning, in a stimulating atmosphere.


Please note the following points:

1.    The doors into the classrooms and the school will be open at 8:10am. Please do not stay or escort children into the cloakroom or classroom areas unless this has been pre-arranged with the class teacher for a specific reason. Urgent messages for the class teacher may be handed to a member of staff on the gate or KS1 playground (for infants) or at the door (for Nursery and Reception).


2.    Please closely supervise all younger children on school premises while waiting at the beginning and end of the school day – do not allow them to disturb children who are still in class or interfere with other people’s property.


3.    If you have a personal appointment, meeting at the school, or are collecting your child because of illness during the school day, always check into the school office first (via Avenue Road).


4.    Please do not bring cars onto the premises at any time, unless you are registered disabled. All of our parking spaces are allocated.


5.    NEVER park, or stop to allow children to get out of the vehicle on the zigzag “Keep Clear” markings outside both entrances to the school.


6.    Dinner money, for children in the juniors who are not entitled to free school meals, must be paid on Arbor. If your child will miss morning registration, but will still require a lunch, please ring the school office to order before 8:30am.


7.    Packed lunches should be contained in an appropriate lunchbox or bag, clearly labelled on the outside with your child’s name and class. Plastic carrier bags are not acceptable, although may be used to wrap a lunchbox that has transparent flaps.


8.    Milk is available each term. This must be ordered and paid for, in advance, at the end of the previous term. It is free for children under 5, and for those entitled to free school meals (not the ‘universal infant free school meals’), however, you must still register your child. 


9.    Various fresh fruit and vegetables are provided for infant children at morning break. If children prefer, they can bring in fruit of their choice from home instead. Junior children are encouraged to bring a piece of fruit for eating at break time.


10.    Please do not bring any food onto the school premises that contains nuts (including peanut butter and Nutella). We have children with severe allergies and exposure to these items, including airborne, could be fatal.


11.    All school uniform must be marked with the child’s name, especially detachable hoods on outdoor coats. We avoid ‘lost property’ by returning named items to the child, and washing and selling all unnamed items. It is best to use sewn-in name tags but, if writing on items, please use the child’s name rather than initials. 


12.    Sweatshirts, t-shirts, bookbags and PE bags can be purchased via the school website: via our suppliers, here.


13.    PE Bags containing shorts, t-shirts and plimsolls that are all clearly marked should be left in school all week and taken home for washing at weekends or at least on a half termly basis. It may be necessary to change PE lessons at short notice.


14.    Only children in Years 5 and 6 may  bring mobile phones to school, if they walk home alone. These must be switched off and handed in to the class teacher at the beginning of the day. 


15.    If your child is sick, please telephone the school and select the first option to leave details of your child’s absence (this is an automated line and is open 24 hours). If you do not inform us, you will receive a phone call to ask where your child is.


16. There is disability access to the school.


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Nurturing individuals, building futures

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