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Information Posts

What a privilege and delight it has been to teach your children. I know they will accomplish great things and we hope that they continue visit the school in the future. Thank you for your support and overwhelming generosity. 


We have loved every minute of this year! 


French Awards


Congratulations to the following children for being awarded French certificates:


Year 5: Emisha

Year 6: David V

KS2: Daniel P


Summer Awards


Congratulations to the following Year 6 children who have received the prestigious Avenue Awards today.


Perseverance Award: Lizzy

Millennium Cup: Darcy

Sports Shield: Harrison D

Music Award: Jonah

Creativity Award: Ava




Congratulations to the following children who have been awarded Merit today. We are really proud of you all.


Year 5: Wali, Safa, Hayden, Serin, 

Year 6: Rio, Henrik, Zachary, Riya, Sai

Explorers: Veer

Trailblazers: Liam


Open Classroom Afternoon

Dear Parents/Carers,

Due to the Met Office Red Warning (extreme heat leading to serious illness, or danger to life) we have had to make the difficult decision to cancel the Open Classroom Afternoon on Monday (18th July).


This will now be held early in September, so that you can see your children’s new classrooms and meet their teachers.


Thank you for your support and understanding in this matter.

Week 7 Summer 2 Learning Journey

The end of the penultimate week has come! The children have worked so hard in this extreme heat to perform their outstanding show. In between performances, the children have continued practising and rehearsing tirelessly so that could best put forward during the performance. I'm sure we can all agree that they have succeeded tremendously! This week I awarded many year group leader awards see below: 


6B - Gracie Mae and Tom

6K - Eloise, Erin and Olivia

6M-  Anzu and Eric

6R - Blanka, Laura, Saanvi and Thomas

6X - Ovidia, Manha and Riley O


Two Phase Leader Certificates were also awarded this week! Well done to: 

Hashir (6K) and Ryan T (6X)

We want to say a huge thank you to the PTA and all the volunteers for the incredible amount of work that went into making the summer fair such a success. Also, a thank you to all our families who came and joined in - raising such an amazing amount of money for the school! 


It was wonderful to have all the school community together, enjoying the sunshine and fun! 

Heat Warning and Year 6 Show (Monday and Tuesday Performances)


Due to the extreme weather warning for the upcoming week (WB 11th July) we have had to postpone the Year 6 shows for Monday 11th July and Tuesday 12th July.


 They will now be performed on Monday 18th July and Tuesday 19th July (with the same timings).


If you have problems with your new ticket time, please email the school office.


The safety of the children, and those attending, is our priority and we thank you for your support and understanding with this difficult decision.


Heat Warning

Due to the extreme temperatures forecast for the upcoming week (WB Monday 11th July) we would like to remind Parents/Carers that your children should bring the following every day:


  • A refillable water bottle
  • A sunhat


Children should come to school in light clothing and are permitted to wear their PE kits. If your child’s PE kit is in school, then any sensible light shorts with an Avenue top is also permitted.


We will ensure that classrooms are well ventilated and the children will be reminded to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Physical activities will be limited and the children will stay inside during the hottest parts of the day.


As always, the children’s safety is our priority and we thank you for your continued support and understanding.

The weeks are far too rapidly slipping away! The children have been absolute superstars. The show is looking ready for its debut on Monday next week and the children performed excellently in their swimming assessments. Teachers were exceptionally proud of polite and courteous the children whilst out on the trip! Well done to the children who earnt certificates this week. 

6B - whole class

6K - tbc

6M - Harrison  

6R - Akika, Darsh and Faaezah

6X - Riley B


I also got the privilege of awarding several year group leader awards this week:

6K - Toni and Zach

6R - Charlie P, Laura, Lizzy, Rachel, Rio and Saara


Mini Marsden March for KS1 - 5th July 2022


Year 1 and 2 are completing a Mini Marsden March on 5th July to raise money for the Royal Marsden Hospital. There will buckets for any donations on the gates each morning for the rest of this week. 


Thank you in advance for any donations you make. 

Another week successfully completed in Year 6! The weeks are slipping by so quickly. They've continued the hard work on the show and absolutely amazed teachers with their Fiver Challenge work. All classes awarded whole class certificates this week for reaching the surpassing the goal amount and earning their trip! 


6B - whole class

6K - whole class

6M - whole class

6R - whole class

6X - whole class

A massive well done to Year 6 who raised an amazing amount of money for their end of year school trip! The Fiver Challenge was a roaring success and the children worked so hard for so many weeks to make this possible. We are so thankful to the time, energy and general support that parents gave to help make it such a success. 


With the money raised, we are hiring out Flip Out in Croydon on Tuesday 19th July! 

Upcoming Dates

Seussical Show Performances

Cast 1 Show: Monday 11th July (6.30-7.45pm) 

Cast 1 Show: Tuesday 12th July (6.30-7.45pm) 


Cast 2 Show: Wednesday 13th July (7-8.15pm) Later due to Harris Open Evening

Cast 2 Show: Thursday 14th July (9.30-10.45am) 

A letter to book tickets will come out shortly - we are sorting a payment method. 


Last Week of Term


Flip Out Trip: Tuesday 19th July 

A letter will come out (hard copy) on Friday with more detail.


Sports Day: Wednesday 20th July (9am) 

You are welcome to come and spectate again this year! 


Sleepover:  Thursday 21st July 

Your child can be collected at any time - they do not have to sleepover. There are many activities to enjoy in the evening. Please contact the school if you have any questions. We would love as many children as possible to attend this event. 

Language of July - Greek

Summer Fair 

A huge thank you to the PTA and all of the volunteers who put in an incredible amount of work into making the Summer Fair and the ASD Base Summer Fair such a success. Well done to all of the year group dancers who bravely took to the stage and thank you to all of the staff who helped to choreograph these. 


It was really wonderful to have all of the school community together; enjoying the sunshine and fun! 

It's been another incredible, fun-filled week in Year 6. The children put exceptional effort into the Fiver Challenge sales and raised so much money for their trip. As well as this, they have been working very hard on their show; the songs sound amazing and the art is out of this world. Genuinely in awe of their talents! In addition, Sports Leaders and a few other children have been leading sports activities for children across the school to celebrate National Sports Week. I have received so many wonderful messages about how supportive and kind they were during these events. Well done everyone! 


6B - Nikhita and Tanvi

6K - Eloise and Nomana

6M- Benji, Harry and Oliver

6R - Anekan, Charlie J, Rio, Tiago and Thomas

6X - Cillian and Ryan T


I also got the pleasure of awarding another Year Group Leader Award. Well done to... 

Julia (6X)

Another exceptional week in Year 6. The children are showing exceptional courage and talent when performing for their show... it's looking spectacular! Backstage children are in full swing with their creative juices flowing and organisational skills being tested to the max! In addition to show rehearsals, they are still working really hard with their studies - they don't stop! They've written such wonderful, creative stories inspired by the heart and worked hard in mathematics to solve various shape-based investigations. Below are some children who earnt certificates this week. 


6B - Aarav and Fatih

6K - Eyad and Lucas

6M - Anzu, Ivonne and Sai

6R - Laura, Rio and Sujal

6X - Mahi and Sharanya


It was also my privilege to be able to award a Year Group Leader Award this week. Well done to... 

Yasir (6K)


Sun Safety 

Now that the warmer weather is here, we need to think about sun safety. 


Please provide your child with a named sun hat and ensure that they have a named plastic water bottle (with sports cap opening). 


If your child requires sun cream, please ensure they apply it before school. If you wish them to reapply sun cream before breaktimes, lunchtimes or outdoor PE, please provide them with a named bottle. Staff are not allowed to apply sun cream to children, so please ensure that your child can apply it themselves.  

Language of June - Lithuanian

It's been a lovely welcome back to Year 6 for their final half term of primary school! The children have shown exceptional entrepreneurship during mathematics as they have begun preparation for the Fiver Challenge. In addition, they have been fascinated by their science learning on the circulatory system and shown incredible talent when beginning to practice for the show. What a week! Some children managed to earn certificates for exceptional achievements; they are listed below. 


6B - Abhishane, Henrik, and Liv

6K - Wasim and Yasir

6M - Colin, Emmanuel and Mugdha

6R - Blank, Seana and Tia

6X - Danche and Liang 

Dear parents/carers,


On the W/C 20th June, we will be taking part in drowning prevention week. Swimming lessons on this week will cover water safety and drowning prevention. We therefore ask that children bring pyjamas or light loose fitting clothing in addition to their swimming costume, so that they can practice these vital skills which could one day save their life.


Kind regards,

Mr Baldock

Jubilee Celebrations

What a wonderful day we had! Everyone came dressed in their red, white and blue and enjoyed a morning of activities and crafts. The whole school then watched the younger children parade around the field, waving their flags, and then we had a picnic lunch.

We also had a very important visitor…


More photos will be put on the website soon.

Week 1 Summer 2 Learning Journeys

What a fantastic summer 1 half term! The children have worked so hard throughout this half term and have achieved some incredible things. Over the week, they have persevered with writing sonnets, produced some stunning artwork and recapped some tricky parts of the mathematics curriculum. Today, they showed immense emotional maturity when celebrating and supporting each other during the show parts reveal. A special congratulations to the children below who earnt a certificate. 


6B - Aarav, Akshara, Ayaan and Harrison

6K -  Whole Class

6M- Benji, Ivonne, Lila and Marcel

6R - Antoni C, Ben and Rachel

6X - Anshika, Danche, Isabella, Liang, Sumayyah and Tejas,

Another incredible week in Year 6! The children have continued to put great effort into their learning, even after only just completing SATS. They've had fun planning a party in maths by managing a budget and creating timetables, they've written thorough instructions for their Mayan masks and enjoyed expressing themselves creatively through the art curriculum. A special well done to the children who got certificates this week; they are listed below: 


6B - Daniel, Nikhita and Tanishka

6K - Ackee, Joshua and Niamh

6M - Ava, Darcy, Hafsa, Harrison, Hemakshi, Mugdha and Sai

6R -  Anekan, Blanka and Charlie J

6X - Cillian, Riya and Sahasra




Letters to Her Majesty The Queen

The children have written to the Queen, informing her of our Jubilee celebrations on Thursday 26th May. They have told her about some of the activities we will be doing, and also invited her to join us (should she happen to be free that day).


They will be posted at the end of the day…


SATS week complete! What an emotional moment to watch Year 6 complete their end of primary school assessments. They have worked so hard beyond anything I could have imagined and I am so infinitely proud of everyone. They have shown such excellent resilience, self-confidence and kindness when supporting each other. Every single child has shone so brightly this week. 


6B - Whole of 6B

6K - Whole of 6K, Eyad, Mineya and Taha

6M - Whole of 6M,  Schamma and Marcel

6R -  Whole of 6R and Tiago

6X - Whole of 6X


Congratulations Year 6! 


We are celebrating Walk to School Week from the 16th-20th May! Walk to School Week is run by the charity Living Streets and is a yearly event held in May to raise awareness of walking and other active ways to travel. This is not only a great way to get in some extra physical activity a day, but to support the environment by reducing the number of cars on the road. If you walk to school during the week, you will be able to receive a Walk to School badge when you arrive at school. Happy walking ðŸ™‚

Week 3 done! Who can believe how fast this time is flying this year? The children have been incredible during another challenging week. They've flown through mathematics revision and amazed teachers with their confidence, they're acing their comprehensions and have loved being arty in the afternoons by making Mayan masks. It's been non-stop! Teachers are so very proud of all of the children. Below are those who have earnt a certificate. 


6B -

6K - Wasim and Alice

6M - Aarav, Akkil, Ava and Dylan

6R - Imaan, Lizzy and Tia 

6X - Isabella, Mahi and Manha


The Queen's Platinum Jubilee

On Thursday 26th May the whole school will be celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. As part of the celebrations, all of the children are invited to come to school in mufti clothing that is red, white and blue. Please ensure that their shoes and clothing are suitable for a day in school.


We look forward to celebrating this historic event with the children.

What an incredible Week 2 we have had in Year 6! The children are working so incredibly hard in the build up to SATS and we are exceptionally proud of everyone. As we revise mathematics, it has been wonderful to see their confidence grow as they problem solve. In English children are working hard to apply themselves to a variety of comprehension texts and have written wonderful persuasive reports! The children listed below have earnt certificates this week: 


6B - Farai, Jaimie and Tanvi

6K - Aayan, Erin, Hashir, Nomana, Tony and Yasir

6M - Emmanuel, Harrison and James

6R - Darsh, Hansika and Seana 

6X - Julia, Ovidia and Sumayyah


It was an incredible moment when a Head of Phase Award was earnt by: 

Naim (6R) 


Well done everyone! Keep up the hard work!

This half – term in French, children will cover a topic related to holidays. They will revise names of countries and weather expressions. They will also learn names of transports and different types of accommodation we stay in during holidays.

Language of May - Yoruba

What a fantastic start to Summer 1! The teachers have been literally amazed by the level of maturity and dedication to learning on show this week. They have persevered well with percentages, show resilience in comprehension and been fascinated by Mayan masks. Below is a list of children who earnt a certificate this week: 


6B - Isla and Tom

6K - Olivia and Wasim

6M - Akkil, Darcy, Mugdha, Hemakshi and Schamma

6R -  Abhimanyu, Matthew and Naim

6X - Riley B, Tyrell, Hussain


We are delighted to announce that Avenue has been chosen to be an Advocate School for Picture News. We use Picture News in class to learn about British Values and how the children can link these values to current events from around the world. 

Open Classroom Afternoon

On Monday 18th July, 3.30-4.30pm, there will be an 'Open Classroom Afternoon' for all parents and children. This will be an opportunity to visit both your child/ren's current classroom and new their classroom for September 2022. 

Swimming for the Summer Term



Swimming will recommence on Monday 25th April.

Timetables of when each class will be swimming will be shared with

you next week.

Please ensure that all swimming kits are named.



Thank you so much to everyone who made it to Parents Evening last night. We loved having the opportunity to see you all face-to-face and were humbled the kind words you had to share with us. 


Stay happy, healthy and safe. Enjoy the Spring break. 

Message from Miss Guy

Arrangements are already being made with Secondary Schools to come and visit the children in the Summer term as part of a transition project that they run to get to know the children. We look forward to welcoming the Year 7 Leads to Avenue so that they can meet your children and prepare for them arriving in September. Some schools will not visit, but we will ensure that, as with every child, a full handover is given.

The end of their final Spring Term in Primary School! I cannot believe it! They have shown tremendous perseverance and dedication to their learning in the build up to SATS. We are so proud of everything they have achieved and how far they have come. We celebrated with Merit today! 



6B - Bella

6K - Erin

6M - Ivonne

6R - Hansika

6X - Summayah


Perseverance Award



French Award 



Year Group Leader Awards

Niamh (6K), Rio (6R) and Taha (6K) 



Please see the attached list below of some fun, free activities that may inspire you over the Easter holidays. 

Please remember, the school will close at the earlier time of 1.30 on Friday 1st April 2022 in celebration of the Easter holidays.

Week 5 completed! I cannot believe the children have almost completed their final Spring term at Avenue! They have continued to show exceptional resilience in mathematics, whilst revising percentages and learning how to solve problems with time. In English, they have completed their final piece of writing for Spring, where they demonstrated their use formal tone. Teachers are genuinely amazed by the commitment the children are showing to their education! Below is a list of children who earnt a certificate this week: 


6B - Gracie-Mae and Millie 

6K - Ana, Eloise, Erin, Lucas and Olivia

6M - Marcel and 6M

6R -  Alizaye, Blanka and Charlie J

6X - Jan and 6X


I also got the delight of awarding a Year Group Leader Awards this week: 

Lizzy (6R)

Thank you

The school raised an amazing £882.86 for Comic Relief last week! Thank you all so much for your contributions.

SATS Meeting

Thank you so much to all the parents that attended virtually this morning. It was a great turn out and we were so pleased to hear that parents knew of others who were hoping to watch a recording at their convenience. This will be e-mailed shortly. 


It came up in the meeting that many parents thought children had to be invited into school at 8.10 to take part in early morning work sessions. Although some people may have been specifically asked to attended, it is not invitation only. I'm sorry that there has been confusion about this! 


Anyone can come into school at 8.10 and take part in the revision activities between 8.10 and 8.30. The more, the merrier! 

Week 4 already! Time flies when you are having fun! The children have worked so hard in mathematics understand pie charts and amazed their teachers by making their very own pie chart too. In history, children got stuck into examining historical sources and used this to write incredibly imaginative diaries as Frederick Catherwood. We could not be more proud of the hard work and perseverance that they are putting into Spring 2! Below is a list of children who earnt a certificate this week: 


6B - Harrison and Vishwesh

6K - Nomana and Niamh

6M - Akkil and Mya

6R -  Saara, Stash, Thomas and Tiago

6X - Jan and Jonah


I also got the pleasure of awarding two Year Group Leader Awards this week: 

Clemmie (6R) and Vidur (6K)



Week 3 has been amazing! They have worked hard to understand different graphs and charts, written incredible myths and been fascinated by the different Maya gods. We are so proud of the children this half term and so many are making excellent progress! 


6B - Emily and Tom

6K - Aanya and Eyad

6M - tbc

6R -  Abhimanyu and Clemmie

6X - Nikola and Liang 


I also got to hand out a Year Group Leader Awards this week: 

Aayan, Alice, Erin, Hashir, Mineya and Vidur (6K)


Amazingly Miss Guy also got to award a Head of a Phase certificate to: 

Rio (6R)  

As part of World Poetry Day, the child will have the opportunity to enter a poetry competition. Please read the letter below for more information. 

Open Afternoon


Dear Parents/Carers, 


Please see the dates for 'Open Afternoons', these are to give you the opportunity to look at your child's classroom, see their work and chat with the teacher. 


Monday 25th April: Reception (3.30-4.30pm) 

Tuesday 26th April: Years 5 and 6 (3.30-4.30pm) & Nursery (AM Nursery 8:15-8:45am) & (PM Nursery 3:15-3:45pm)

Wednesday 27th April: Years 3 and 4 (3.30-4.30pm) 

Thursday 28th April: Years 1 and 2 (3.30 - 4.40pm)


For Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and 2 please enter and exit via Dorset Road and for Year 3-6 please enter and exit via Avenue Road. 


We look forward to seeing many of you and are excited to welcome you back into school. 


Dear Parents/Carers, 

Friday 18th March is Comic Relief Day and the children can come to school in mufti on that day for a donation of £1 which will be sent to comic relief. Please ensure that children are wearing clothes and shoes that are practical for a day in school and do not wear jewellery (other that small plain stud earrings and a watch as usual). 


We look forward to raising lots of money for this worthy cause and thank you for your support. 


We would like to say a big thank you to the PTA, who organised a fantastic book swap event yesterday. The children were so excited about taking home a book that was new to them! Thank  you to everyone that was involved in making this a huge success. 

The children have had a fantastic week 2! They have worked hard to understand symmetry, written incredible non-chronological reports and got stuck in to their new Genius Time. I can tell they are going to love it! We are so proud of so many children this week! 


6B - Henrik and Tom

6K - Alice and Taha

6M - Ava and Benji

6R -  Anekan, Charlie P, Faaezah and Rio

6X - Isra,  Riya and Sahasra


I also got to hand out a Year Group Leader Awards this week: 

Taha (6K)

The children have settled in quickly and sensibly to their final spring half term! They have gone over their mock papers for maths and worked hard to solve a range of problems involving shapes. They have been fascinated by the new topic on Mayan civilisation and have asked thoughtful, insightful questions. I can tell they are going to love it! We are so proud of all that the children have achieved this week, as always.


6B - Tanvi and Olivia P

6K - Ana and Lucas

6M - Adam and Schamma

6R -  Ben, Diya, Saanvi and Sujal

6X -  Julia, Ovidia and Riley O


I also got to hand out two Year Group Leader Awards this week: 

Edward (6K)



Dorset Road Gate


Please remember that in the morning,  the Dorset Road gate closes for children at 8.30 but closes for adults at 8.25. This is to ensure that all adults are off site, and the gates can be safely locked at 8.30. There are members of staff on duty to ensure that the children get to class.


Thank you for your understanding. 

This half – term in French, children will revise names of body parts, they will learn about healthy lifestyle as well as how to say to a doctor which part of their body hurts.

World Book Day

This year, World Book Day will be held on Thursday 3rd March 2022. To celebrate this, we are inviting the children to come into school wearing pyjamas for our ‘bedtime stories’ theme. Please ensure that pyjamas are appropriate for school. We will be completing engaging activities throughout the day and encouraging the children to bring in their favourite book. Children will also receive a World Book Day token that can be used for a free £1 book from participating supermarkets and booksellers. We look forward to celebrating this day as a school! 

Access and Support with Teams for Parents


Mental Health Day Thursday 10th February


Dear Parents/Carers,


A reminder that this week is Childrens' Mental Health Week, and we will be celebrating it as a school this Thursday (Thursday 10th February.) The children will be doing various activities throughout the day, and they are invited to wear an accessory to express their personality.  Ideas include: a hat, a hair accessory, a scarf, or socks.  

We've had such an amazing week in Year 6 again! They have solved so many problems involving angles, written stunning descriptive story introductions and dived into tackling binary code! We are so proud of all that the children have achieved.


6B - Aarav and Antoni P

6K - Menaal and Aaron

6M - Aiza and Lila

6R -  Clemmie, Lizzy and Mohamed

6X - Riley B and Tyler


I also got to hand out two Year Group Leader Awards this week: 

Ana (6K) and Rio (6R) 


Excitingly, Miss Guy got to hand out several Head of Phase Awards this week! Congratulations:

Sujal (6R), Shantanu (6K), Yasir (6K), Ana (6K), Aanya (6K), Kaumudi (6K) and Mineya (6K)

Language of February - Cantonese

An absolutely exceptional week in Year 6! The children have blown us away with effort they have put into their mock SATs papers. We are so incredibly proud of how seriously they took this. Not only did they sits these exams but they also sketched stunning masterpieces and solved really tricky problems involving measures in mathematics. Well done everyone on this incredible week!


6B - Whole Class

6K - Whole Class

6M- Whole Class

6R - Whole Class

6X- Whole Class



Another spectacular week in Year 6. The children have demonstrated fantastic behaviour and shown an incredible fascination in our planet through their learning on fossils. We are so proud of them! Some children (listed below) earnt certificates this week.

6B - Abhishane, Harrison D and Tanishka 

6K - Ackee and Joshua

6M - David and Emmanuel

6R - Akika, Anekan and Diya

6X - Danche and Sumayyah


I also got to award some Year Group Leader certificates this week! Well done:

Akkil (6M), Edward (6K) and Shaun (6K) 


In addition, one individual achieved a Head of Phase Award. Congratulations too: 

Faaezah (6R)

Platinum Award for Safeguarding

We are very pleased to announce that Avenue Primary Academy was awarded the Anchored Schools Platinum Award for Safeguarding in November 2021, following an enhanced safeguarding review. Reviewers confirmed that Avenue is 100% compliant and effective with regard to safeguarding and we are very proud that feedback recognised staff commitment to pupils’ safety, protection and well-being.

School Fund


If you have not yet done so, please do make a contribution to school fund. 


This is a one-off payment of £25 or if you are unable to afford this, a smaller contribution. 

If every parent contributes something, it will make such a difference to what we can offer!


Please login to your Parent Portal, sign your child up to the Voluntary contribution TRIP and make your contribution payment on Arbor.


Thank you for your continued support.

Another phenomenal week in Year 6, they are truly rising to the occasion and shining in all they do. They have shown excitement at problem solving in algebra, incredible talent when writing autobiographies and excellent behaviour in the classroom and around the school. Everyone should feel proud of themselves this week, especially the children below who got a certificate! Keep it up everyone! 


6B - Antoni P and Isla

6K - Menaal and Sunishka

6M - Akkil and Colin

6R -  Ben, Hansika and Laura

6X - Ryan and Tyrell 


Dear Parents/Carers,

Childrens' Mental Health Week is 7th - 13th February, and we will be celebrating it as a school on Thursday 10th February. The children will be doing various activities throughout the day, and they are invited to wear an accessory to express their personality.  Ideas include: a hat, a hair accessory, a scarf, or socks.  Please add the date to your diary, there will be reminders nearer the time on the website.

This half – term in French, children will be learning about sports and sporting heroes. They will learn how to use a bilingual dictionary (French – English, English – French) to find adjectives in both genders (masculine & feminine). They will practise writing sentences using these adjectives to describe sporting heroes. Children will also have an introduction on how to say the time in French.

A fantastic start to Spring 1 (times flies!) from the children. They have come back from the break energised and determined to put their best foot forward. As well as some exceptional mathematics, art and comprehension this week, teachers have been amazed by the team work, communication and respect that they have seen. A special well done to the children below who stood out over the last three days! 

6B - Fatih and Henrik

6K - Mineya, Raghav and Zach

6M - Aarav, Anzu , Emmanuel, Hemakshi, Ivonne and Oliver

6R - Antoni C, Seana and Tia

6X - Danche, Nikola & Shusanna 

Language of January - Tamil


Happy New Year everyone!

Just a reminder that Year 6 will be doing a fancy dress hook day for their new topic on Survival of Fittest on Thursday 6th January. Children will need to come dressed as their future career goal e.g. teacher, author, dancer, astronaut, lawyer.

Football kits are still not allowed on this day.


In addition to their costume, please can children bring in a baby photo with their name written on the back. This photo will be returned at the end of the day.

Just a quick post to express how thankful the Year 6 teachers are for all the kind words, poems, art works and gifts we have received over this week. We have been spoilt beyond our imaginations; are humbled by your generosity and feel very special! 


We hope the children have had a lovely last few days and have enjoyed the activities we prepared. All have an amazing time during the holidays and very happy new years! 


See you in 2022!  

Well-Being Newsletter for Parents/Carers

What an incredible term we have had!  Our year group have achieved some amazing things: beautiful art work, exceptional stories, awesome investigations and the list could go on! Along side all this learning, they have shown how mature they have become and shown great kindness, respect and understanding current issues. We are infinitely proud of all of their achievements and cannot wait to see what 2022 brings!  We have awarded certificates to the children below:


6B - Antoni P, Emily and Isla

6K - Aarna, Ackee and Joshua

6M - Ava and Schamma

6R - Alizaye, Blanka and one for the whole of 6R

6X - Isabella and Shusanna 


Although I had no year group leader awards this week, Miss Guy had some very special Head of Phase awards to write! A very special well done to: 

Lucas, Mineya, Erin, Eloise, Olivia and Niamh (6K)


We also had a virtual merit assembly! 

An extra special well done too:

6B - Curtis

6K - Eloise

6M - Ava

6R - Rachel

6X - Julia


Perseverance: Ben 

French: Riley O


Christmas at Avenue

Starting tomorrow there will be many fun, festive themed opportunities for the children.


This includes arts and crafts, interclass quiz and a film. These activities have been funded by our wonderful PTA! During the film the children will be supplied with some popcorn. Please do not provide your child with any additional snacks, other than the recommended piece of fruit for playtime!


On Friday 17th December, it is a Winter Wonderland themed mufti day. This means your child can come in dressed in their own clothes and does not need to wear their uniform. 


Year 6 will be doing a fancy dress hook day for their new topic on Survival of Fittest on Thursday 6th January. Children will need to come dressed as their future career goal e.g. teacher, author, dancer, astronaut, lawyer.

Football kits are still not allowed on this day.


In addition to their costume, please can children bring in a baby photo with their name written on the back. This photo will be returned at the end of the day. 

Another fantastic week in Year 6. Children have worked so hard to complete the assessments this week and they really shown the incredible amount of knowledge they have learnt. As well assessments, children wrote stunning, creative narratives that blew us away and began to tackle some challenging work on percentages! We are so proud of them and have awarded certificates to the children below:


6B - All of 6B and Isaac

6K - Lucas and Aarna 

6M - Ivonne, Eric and one for the whole of 6M

6R - Clemmie and Imaan

6X - Tejas, Nikola, All of 6X


I also got to award a Year Group Leader Award to: 

Eyad (6K) and Julia (6X)



Thank you from The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.

We are delighted to say that the school raised £401.84 selling poppies on the gate this year. 

End of term information


15th December  - Christmas lunch

17th December - Winter Wonderland Mufti Day - bring in a £1

The PTA have organised a 'Winter Wonderland' themed mufti day. Children can wear their own clothes for £1. Look out for further information from the PTA with ideas about what accessories children could wear!


We would like to say a big thank you to the PTA who have kindly donated money to each year group to pay for Christmas crafts. The teachers will be preparing activities, using this money, for the children to participate in during the last week of term. 

It has been so lovely to be reunited with our classes after an incredible week at Hindleap Warren. The children have done fantastically with their learning this week including: converting between fractions, decimals and percentages; writing a newspaper report and showing exceptional understanding in Health and Wellbeing. Teachers have a selected a few children for awards and they are listed below:


6B – Harley and Liv

6K – tbc

6M - Luca and Sai

6R – Charlie P, Stash and Thomas

6X - Anshika, Hussain and Liang


This week, I also got to award some Year Group Leader Awards! A special well done to: 

Ben (6R), Darcy (6M), Lila (6M) and Tia (6R) 

December's Language of the Month is... ITALIAN

Health and Wellbeing

This week, in Health and Wellbeing, the children will be discussing and watching videos linked with the theme of 'Caring Friendships'. As part of this objective, the children will learn to know how to recognise who to trust and who not to trust and recognise when others are trying to gain control or manipulate a relationship (including radicalisation). Your child may come home and want to discuss this lesson with you. Please do reach out to your child's class teacher if you want any support with any Health and Wellbeing themes. 

Christmas lunch

If your child would like a Christmas school lunch on Wednesday 15th December,  remember to sign them up using the link below. The deadline is Friday 3rd December at 12pm. Please make sure that you have sufficient funds in your account on Arbor.

A Message to Hindleap Parents and Carers from Miss Guy

Having spent the first two days with the children at Hindleap I was very proud of the way that they adapted quickly to, for many, their first days away from home. The children demonstrated excellent resilience and teamwork skills and were a credit to you and the School. I have enjoyed reading the updates each night and finding out what the children have been up to. I have also had regular conversations with Miss Rubey and Mrs Maddock who have continued to be very proud of the children this week.  

I want to send a big thank you to all of the staff involved in the trip. They have worked tirelessly this week to ensure that the children are gaining the best experiences whilst also supporting them in a loco parentis role. It really is appreciated.  

Final arrangements! I know that you are so excited to welcome your children back tomorrow. Particularly because I am sure that they will have a bag full of muddy and wet clothes! We will text you to inform you when the coaches are leaving the Centre to enable us to give you an estimated time of arrival. The coaches will be coming back to Dorset Road.  

A big plea to you all…in order for us to get the children back to you in the quickest and safest way, please allow the staff to walk the children to the Astroturf area in KS1 where they will line them up ready for you to collect. You will be able to wait on the playground before the adults invite you onto the Astroturf to collect your child.  

The children are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! 

Miss Guy 

Year 5 and Year 6 Phase Leader / AHT  


Hindleap Warren – Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday !

Another bright morning and another birthday! What a way to celebrate - being away with your friends and teachers!

 The day started off well again, this time with a welcome hot, cooked breakfast of hash browns, pigs in blankets, a variety of eggs and a fruit platter. Everyone was reminiscing about the double birthday cake surprise that happened the previous evening and how cake in the evening was an unexpected yet pleasing treat.

Morning activities today included the Obstacle Challenge and Forest Challenge where children had to either as a team complete tasks or encourage others in discovering new and exciting outdoor pursuits.  One comment which has to be included here, and I’m sure will make a few of you smile is “I’ve discovered after being here for three days that getting muddy is actually quite good fun”  - many apologies for the clothes washing that will follow.

After having a quick break to change into suitable clothes, the children then continued with their activities which included, amongst other things, Pool Boarding. We were so impressed with the way in which all of the children ensured that everyone was having a good time and as importantly worked as a team.

On offer today for lunch was a satisfying stir fry followed by spiced apple crumble and custard. This definitely gave children the energy to complete all afternoon tasks with full vigour and determination.

Having showered and eaten dinner, children readied themselves for the legendary last night disco. Excitement abound, the children had a fantastic time, dancing with friends, playing silly games and generally celebrating their time at Hindleap.

To end the evening, everyone returned to the rooms and packed their bags ready for the journey home in the morning.

We would like to take this opportunity to say just how proud we have been of all of the children this week. They have had the most fantastic time ensuring that they support each other, learn new skills and most importantly have fun in the outdoors.

Mrs Maddock, Miss Rubey and the Year Six Team


Hindleap Warren – Half Way through the Week!

What a fabulous day we have had – full of laughter, excitement and camaraderie!

“Wake up” this morning was a little different from usual, with balloons and banners hung aloft and “Happy Birthday “ blaring out along the corridors to celebrate two children’s birthdays.

 The day started off well with a breakfast of waffles, pancakes, a fruit platter and the chance for all the children to discuss their planned activities for the day. Some were excited about taking on the challenge of Forest Adventure whilst others were looking forward to Pool Boarding with their friends in the heated pool.

After a short comfort break, the children then continued with their activities which included the impressive Climbing Tower Challenge and Map work and Orienteering. The latter of the two really gave children the chance to work as a team and learn new map reading skills. One child said, “ I really struggled at the start as I couldn’t work out how to read the map, but then I decided to believe in myself and I hit the target”.

After a tasty lunch of homemade burgers, potato wedges and salad, the children completed their afternoon activities and thoroughly enjoyed being outside in the fresh air.

Having showered and eaten dinner, children lined up for the long anticipated visit to the Tuck Shop where they could buy snacks and souvenirs such as pencils, notepads and mugs but to name a few. Many discussions were had as to “who was buying what and how many”, but rest assured everyone enjoyed the experience.

To end the evening, children had a short room tidying session, drank hot chocolate and shared stories from the day with their friends then fell into bed tired, but happy.


Hindleap Diary – Day Two

Our first full day of activities!

After their first night away, the children were up bright and early to be met with a lovely cooked breakfast! Having stocked up on calories for the day, the children quickly readied themselves for a day of outdoor activities. The Forest Adventure was the highlight for many children as they had the opportunity to wade through muddy puddles (and made sure that Mr Baldock joined in too).

A lunch of hot baked potatoes with a variety of fillings was enjoyed by all and gave the children the chance to catch up with each other.

Following this, we enjoyed afternoon activities, especially Bushcraft where the children toasted marshmallows over an open fire …. all part of the outdoor experience!

Pioneering, one of the activities for the afternoon, gave the children the opportunity to work as a team which we can safely say, they all excelled at.

Hot chocolate and biscuits have been eaten and we are now having “shout out” time where we share positive experiences with the whole year group – a lovely end to the day!

Have a lovely evening,

Miss Rubey, Mrs Maddock and the Year Six Team


Hindleap Diary

We’ve arrived!

After a short journey full of laughter and excitement the coaches turned off the sun-filled country lane and arrived at Hindleap. On the drive to welcome us was the team of instructors who would be looking after us and guiding our groups for the week.

All the children were very keen to find out who they would be sharing rooms with, and after Mr Baldock shared the information, the children set about unpacking their clothes and making their beds. Needless to say some beds are looking rather interesting to say the least!

Having been given a short tour around the site, the children set about their challenges and activities for the day – these included Bushcraft, Pool Boarding, Archery and Leap of Faith.

After a hearty dinner of pizza and fruit pudding everyone fully immersed themselves in evening activities (Night Walk and Quiz Time).

The children have settled in really well and are looking forward to the week ahead. They are challenging themselves and showing resilience when involved in new activities.

I think the quote for the day is “ I believed I could do the Leap of Faith and I did it”. Let’s hope there’s more of that to come!

Have a lovely evening,

Miss Guy, Miss Rubey, Mrs Maddock and the Year Six Team

We have had an amazing week in Year 6. The children have continued to impress by achieving incredible things with fractions and they have written exceptional biographies on Tim Berners-Lee. They are all showing such fantastic work ethics; we are so impressed. The children listed below were awarded certificates. 

6B - Jan, Manha and Sumayyah

6K - Aayan, Shaun and Sunishka

6M - Colin and Mya

6R - Antoni, Hansika, Saara and Stash

6X -  Farai and Isla 


I also got the chance to give many Year Group Leader Awards this week. Congratulations to: 

Rachel (6R), Danche (6X), Ryan T (6X), Olivia O (6X), Mineya (6X) and Niamh (6X)


We are celebrating Anti-Bullying Week! 


Remembrance Sunday Parade

On Sunday, the Avenue Ambassadors represented our school in the Belmont Remembrance Sunday Parade. They walked in the parade and laid a poppy wreath at the cenotaph opposite St Johns church. Thank you.

An absolutely amazing second week for Year 6. We are so proud of all of them! The children are making incredible progress with their fractions and have shown a real fascination with different inventions and their inventors! The children below were awarded certificates: 

6B - Nikhita and Emily

6K - Aaron, Nomana and Vidur

6M- Charlie and Kelsea

6R - Alizaye, Anekan and Diya

6X -  Isra, Ovidia and Sanija


I also got to a year group leader awards this week: 

Alizaye (6R)



Squid Game Guide for Parents


Anti-Bullying Week 15th – 19th November

Odd Socks Day! Monday 15th November

In school, we will be celebrating anti-bullying week. To start the week off, the children are invited to wear odd socks on Monday 15th November if they would like to.


Wearing odd socks is a way of celebrating what makes us unique!


We Will Remember Them

Today the whole school observed the two minute silence to remember all those who have died, or made a sacrifice, in wars all around the world.

This half – term in French, children will revise days of the week and they will find out about the French school system and how a day is in a French school. They will learn how to name school subjects in French, how to state their likes & dislikes on school subjects and they will plan their imaginary ideal school time table. 


There have been some e-safety incidents recently involving Tik Tok.  Here are some guides for parents to help keep your children safe online.

Guide to Tik Tok for Parents


This week we listened to an assembly about the Hindu festival ‘Diwali’. During the assembly, we heard the story of Rama and Sita, which symbolises the victory of light over darkness and good over evil. We learnt how Hindu’s celebrate Diwali, for example lighting lamps and candles in homes, fireworks and special gatherings with friends and family. We hope that our families celebrating Diwali enjoyed the festive season.

The Language of November - Hindi

A great first week in Autumn 2! The children have carried on showing excellent perseverance with their learning on fractions and have amazed with their passion for science learning! The children below were awarded certificates: 

6B - Tyler, Riley B, Riya

6K - Olivia and Kaumudi

6M- Hemakshi and Anzu

6R - Darsh, Rio and Sujal

6X -  David and Olivia P


I also got to award two year group leader awards this week: 

Hansika (6R) and Rachel (6R)


Quite exceptionally, a Head of Phase Award has also been awarded! Well done...

Joshua (6K)


As a school, we always keep the children up to date with current affairs. In class your child will be discussing the COP26 Climate Change Conference. If you would like to speak to them at home about it too, the following link will be a good starting point.

Remembrance Sunday Parade


Poppy Appeal

Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th November

On Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th of November, you will be able to make donations for The Royal British Legion's Poppy Appeal. Please look out for the children at Avenue and Dorset Road gates who will be taking donations (mornings only).  


There is not a set amount for the paper poppies, however the larger items range from £1 - £2.


Please note that the school has limited stock; however, Charlie's Sweetshop and The Good Home in Belmont Village are also selling poppies.


Thank you for your continued support

Charities Update

During the school closures, we were sadly unable to take part in any fundraising events. We are very happy to announce that we are now in a position to start raising money for charities again. We will always notify you in good time when a charity event is coming up.

We are very aware that, as a school community, we can’t support every good cause. With this in mind, for the national charity events, we will alternate each year. We will always try to support local charities as well.


This year we will not be raising money in school for Children in Need, but we will be raising money in school for Comic Relief (Red Nose Day) on Friday 18th March 2022. We will notify you with details nearer the time.


We will also be supporting the Poppy Appeal next week (details to follow).

The PTA have also resumed their fundraising efforts, for which the children and staff are so thankful for.


Thank you for your continued support.

School Fund


If you have not yet done so, please do make a contribution to school fund


This is a one-off payment of £25 or if you are unable to afford this, a smaller contribution. 


If every parent contributes something, it will make such a difference to what we can offer!


Please login to your Parent Portal, sign your child up to the Voluntary contribution TRIP and make your contribution payment on Arbor.


Thank you for your continued support.

What an exceptional half term we have had! The children have amazed us in so many ways but we've been especially blown away by their creativity. We are honestly so proud of everything they have achieved and the children are making great progress. The teachers have picked a few children for certificates, who are listed below. 


6B - Tanishka and Vishu

6K - Eyad, Hashir Mineya, Sunishka, Tony and Zach

6M - Mugdha and Oliver

6R - Alizaye and Tia 

6X- Ananditha, Liang, Richy, Ryan, Sharanya and Sumayyah


Congratulations to the children who earnt Year Group Leader Award this week. 

Lola (6B) and Daniel P (6B)

Parent Teacher Consultation Day (20/10/21)

Dear Parents/Carers,

The teachers are looking forward to speaking to you this Wednesday. Please listen out for your phone call around the time of your appointment so that you don’t miss the call. If you do miss the call, please do not call the school back. Your child’s teacher will call you back at some point that day to rearrange your appointment.

Thank you for your understanding




Pupil Charter 


During their time in a Cirrus Primary Academy Trust school, our pupils will have the opportunity to…


  • Learn a musical instrument 


  • Use a range of IT technology and equipment


  • Attend a residential visit (KS2)


  • Engage in performance, presentation and debate


  • Enjoy the arts and value cultural experiences


  • Take part in sports competitions


  • Experience enrichment activities


  • Contribute to the community – citizenship (global, national, and local); participate in social action campaigns 


  • Have their talents celebrated and recognised


  • Learn outside to experience the ‘great outdoors’ 


  • Represent school at an event – school, Trust and beyond


Children will be inspired to aim high and be shown what the future holds…






Even though the children are so exhausted as they approach the end of a long first half term, they are still showing the same passion and enthusiasm for learning! We are so proud of them. They continue to show such resilience when faced with mathematical challenges; are being incredible when working together in netball and have produced the most incredible vocabulary when writing their flashbacks. Well done everyone! Listed below are the children who earnt certificates this week. 

6B - Henrik and Tom

6K - Shantanu and Wasim

6M - Hafsa, Harrison R and Marcel

6R - Laura and Mohamed

6X - Manha, Riley O and Sumayyah 


This week, someone also got a Year Group Leader Award. A special congratulations to... 

Olivia (6K)

Safeguarding Update for Parents


A number of pupils have spoken to adults at school about watching the Netflix series ‘The Squid Game’. This is a dystopian drama which has an age rating of 15 and there are strong scenes of violence and death in every episode. Some pupils tell us they can access Netflix on their mobile phones and tablets.

Please ensure you either have the correct safety settings on mobile phones and tablets or ensure your children are supervised while using them, as pupils are telling us that their parents do not know they are watching the show.

Thank you.


Britt Brooke

Designated Safeguarding Lead


Black History Month


This month the school has been celebrating Black History Month. If you would like to do some work with your child at home on this topic, the link below will take you to lots of great resources for you to share with them.

It's been another great week in 6 - they just keep coming! The children have shown such resilience in a challenging week in maths; they've shown such interest in learning about explorers and they're showing great passion and progress in their Genius Time. Teacher's have been so proud of their classes! Listed below are the children who earnt certificates this week. 

6B - Lola, Tanvi, Matthew and Millie

6K - Aanya, Alice and Joshua

6M - Akkil and Dylan

6R - Abhimanyu and Blanka

6X - Danche, Jonah and Sahasra 


This week, someone also got a Year Group Leader Award. A special congratulations to... 

Aanya (6K)

Here is our child-friendly Safeguarding Poster

Parent Teacher Consultation Day


Dear Parents/Carers,

You will receive the notes for your Parent Teacher Consultation Day, via email, between 12/10/21 and 19/10/21. These will then be discussed at your appointment.

We look forward to speaking to you on 20/10/21

Dear Parents/Carers,


I am writing to inform you that swimming across the school will finish on the 15th October. Swimming will resume in the Spring term, we will inform you closer to this the confirmed dates.


Thank you for your understanding.

Another spectacular week up in Year 6. The children have been so busy writing letters in role, creating arctic masterpieces and  practising written methods! Some children have been selected for certificates this week. 


6B- Ciara and Gracie-Mae

6K- Edward and Niamh

6M- Emmanuel, Harry and James

6R - Charlie J, Saanvi and Seana

6X- Luke, Riley and Shusanna


Also, a special congratulations to the children who received Year Group Leader Awards this week. They are listed below. 


Imaan (6R), Mineya (6K) and Tanvi (6B)

A gentle reminder that the register has now changed back to it's pre-Covid time of 8.30a.m. This means that children need to be in their classroom at this time. Please try to ensure that children have sufficient time to move from the gate to their classroom. The gates are open from 8.10a.m and children can enter their classroom from 8.10a.m too. The teachers have prepared activities for them to do in this time to assist them with their learning. Thank you!

Another truely exceptional week from the Year 6's. They've shown kindness and sportsmanship beyond their years in cross country trials being so supportive and encouraging of each other. The children have persevered in all areas of the curriculum showing immense creativity through both their art and their writing. We are so incredibly proud of them! Teacher's have selected a few children for certificates this week and they are listed below.


6B - Abishane and Harrison D

6K - Olivia and Yasir

6M - Lila and Schamma

6R - Akika, Lizzyand Tiago 

6X - Whole Class!


 I also handed out a three Year Group Leader Awards this week, which made me very proud! Congratulations to...


Ava (6M), Harrison (6M) and Matthew (6R)


Another phenomenal week in Year 6. The children have worked exceptionally hard and shown incredible passion for their planet as we learn about climate change. Although so many children have worked hard, a few have been selected to certificates. Every week it is so hard to choose! Please see the list below. 


6B - Millie and Ryan K

6K - Aki, Eloise and Erin

6M - Aarav and Ava

6R - Clemmie, Faaezah and Matthew

6X - Isabella, Richy and Sharanya


Excitingly, I also awarded another Year Group Leader Award this week to... 

Curtis (6B)

School Fund

This year, we plan to offer a number of exciting enrichment activities to all children, and we need your help to be able to do so.


We are asking that all parents please try to contribute. This is a one-off payment of £25.

If you are unable to afford this, please do try to make a smaller contribution. This includes pupils eligible for Pupil Premium.


If every parent contributes something, it will make such a difference to what we can offer!

Your contribution is entirely voluntary, but you will understand the difference that it makes.


Please login to your Parent Portal, sign your child up to the Voluntary contribution TRIP and make your contribution payment on Arbor.


Please note that day trips and residentials will be paid for separately, not from the school fund,  and you will be notified of these as and when they occur.


Thank you for your continued support.


Please ensure that your children are coming to school with a suitable coat every day as they will be going outside for learning and playtime in most weather. Children will not be allowed to take umbrellas outside with them during the school day. Should your child come to school in wellies, please make that they have suitable school shoes to change in to when they arrive. 

This half – term in French, children will revise numbers 0-100 and they will practise taking part in an advanced conversation on personal information (on name, age, feelings, where they live, where they are from). They will also learn names of shapes, names of T.V. programs, how to state their likes and dislikes on T.V. programs and some adjectives to justify their opinion.

We've officially completed our first full week in Year 6 and what a week it has been! The children have shown exceptional resilience in the assessments and have really dived into the polar regions by asking great questions and learning so many facts. Teachers have been amazed and have selected a few children for certificates this week. Please see the list below.


6B- Curtis and Daniel

6K- Lucas and Menaal

6M- Aiza and Darcy

6R- Ben, Hansika and Rio

6X - Julia, Ovidia and Usman


I am also delighted to announce that I have handed out the first Year Group Leader Award of the year.  A special congratulations to... 


Cillian 6X

To Parents / Carers,


We will be doing classroom visits and parent forum meetings virtually. You will be able to access these on Teams. Virtual Classrooms will be available to watch on the 17th September and the Parent Forum presentation on the 24th September


Thank you. 

Drop off and Pick Up Safety


We like to have a good relationship with our local residents so please remember, if possible, walk to school. 


If you are driving in the local area, please do so considerately and under no circumstances block residents' driveway for any length of time. You must not stop or let children out of the car on the zigzag lines outside the school gate. 


Also, a reminder that the use of e-scooters is both dangerous and illegal. 


Language of September - Hungarian

Lockdown Procedures.


As you will know all schools need to be prepared for a situation where they need to lockdown the school – keeping children and staff inside for their own safety.  


To ensure we are prepared for this we have worked hard to put in place very clear procedures for a lockdown situation using the advice from the Metropolitan Police and other emergency agencies. We have a lockdown policy and procedures for our school, but these are not available on our website or shared beyond staff in the school for obvious security reasons. 


We conduct termly lockdown drills with the children and staff to make sure the procedures work. We will ensure that the children understand that, like in the event of a fire alarm – which means the building is not safe – where everybody stays calm and leaves sensibly, a lockdown simply means that something outside is not safe – therefore we stay inside the building and sit quietly and calmly. In an age-appropriate way we will make sure that they are aware of how to respond in the event of an emergency situation.  


Although this week has been brief, teachers were already so overwhelmed by the maturity, resilience and kindness that they have seen. What a way to start the year! We have picked out a few children for certificates this week and they are listed below. Well done!

6B - Ella and Fatih

6K - Ana and Raghav

6M - Benji and Mason

6R - Antoni and Rachel

6X - Cillian and Tyrell 


Education Welfare Practitioners

Still image for this video
A short video from the welfare practitioner. It offers advice for supporting anxiety and behaviours at home.

Welcome Letter Autumn 1

Indoor Shoes


Currently, indoor shoes are optional. If the weather is bad and you wish your child to come to school in boots or wellies, please ensure that they have their school shoes to change into.


Children will still need to have plimsolls and trainers in their PE kits.


Thank you



We are all really looking forward to seeing the children on Thursday 2nd September. Your children’s teachers have planned wonderful activities to welcome the children into their new classes and will be spending time getting to know your child and helping them feel confident as they begin the new year.

Morning drop-off: Please drop off your child at the Avenue Road gate. The gates will be open at 8:10am – 8:30am. The children will then make their way to the Jubilee playground where they will proceed to their new classrooms.

If you also have a child in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 or Year 2, please drop and collect your children off via the Dorset Road gate and follow the guidance on your younger child’s pick-up times and locations. Please note, only children with siblings in Nursery to Year 2 should use the Dorset Road gate.


Please remember that children must be in the correct school uniform which is labelled (see our school website for full details of the uniform policy). Although resources will be provided in school, if your child wishes to bring their own pencil cases then they can but please ensure that this, and its contents, is fully labelled.

Could you also ensure that your child’s P.E kit is in school from the start of term and that each item is name labelled.  The children will require their P.E. kit during the first week of school and this should include trainers for outdoor use. Smart watches are not permitted in school, due to safeguarding reasons.

The children will also require a labelled swimming kit as they will start swimming the week beginning 6th September.  

Year 6 children may bring a mobile phone to school, which must be switched off when they arrive and then handed straight to their class teacher. These are not to be used on the school premises.

If you wish your child to walk home alone, please email the school office.

We look forward to working with you and your child.



Miss L Guy

Head of Year 5 and 6
Assistant Head Teacher



Please use the link below to access the Year 6 overview. This will give you a basic summary of the content children cover in every subject across the whole year.

Year 6 Overview

Welcome to 6B

Still image for this video

Welcome to 6K

Still image for this video

Welcome to 6M

Still image for this video

Welcome to 6R

Still image for this video

Welcome to 6X

Still image for this video

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